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Term 4 Newsletter

At the start of Term 3 who could have imagined we would still be Zooming at the end of the term and into Term 4!

We’d like to thank all of our amazing families who have stuck with us during this difficult time. As well as all the people who sent such lovely messages of encouragement and support.

At this stage we are still unsure when dance schools will be able to return to face-to-face learning. We are keeping up to date with the latest information from AusDance NSW, who are currently seeking clarification on how the easing of restrictions will affect the dance sector.

We will be starting Term 4 on Zoom and will release more information on returning to the studio once we receive further advice.


Please take time to read all of this Newsletter because it contains important information regarding;

  1. Term 4 Classes
  2. Term Dates
  3. Free Holiday Classes
  4. Cecchetti Ballet Exams
  5. Performance Groups
  6. Concert
  7. Term 4 Invoices
  8. Active & Creative Kids Vouchers



Without a date for dance studios to return, classes will continue online in Term 4.

If you were enrolled for Term 3 you do not need to re-enrol for Term 4. If you are planning on changing your enrolment for Term 4, we would appreciate if you could let us know ASAP as this may change what classes are available to other students.

Students will continue to work on their technique, strength, flexibility & artistry in their online classes. Ballet students will begin to learn syllabus work for the next grade.

All classes will also work towards a showcase at the end of the term. At this stage we are unsure if this will be; live, online, filmed, in the studio or at home. As you can understand, with so much uncertainty we will have to keep our plans fluid.



Term 4 will start on Tuesday 5th October.

Our last day of Term 4 will be Monday 6th December.



Miss Tanya will be running free Acro workshops next Friday afternoon, 1st October. Classes will range from beginner to advanced level. To register your interest & for more information email



We are very proud of all our examination students who have worked so hard in their online classes in preparation for the Cecchetti Ballet Exams. After rescheduling twice already, the NSW secretary has decided to wait to reschedule any exams until we have a confirmed date for a return to the studio.

We plan to book in a date for ballet examinations as soon as possible, whether it be late 2021 or early 2022. We will let families know as soon as we have information. If a student has not attended classes in Terms 3 & 4 or is not able to attend the new examination date, we will provide you with a refund of the examination fees.

Teachers feel that all examination students who have attended in Term 3 are more than ready to sit their exams. So, in Term 4 students will begin to learn the next grade. As soon as we have an examination date, we will return to the previous grades exercises to revise before the exam.



After such a successful start to the competition season in Term 2, unfortunately, it was cut short and all remaining 2021 competitions have been cancelled. Competitions have either provided us with a refund or credit for 2022, you will find a credit on your Term 4 invoice for competitions that did not go ahead.

We are very proud of all of our performance group students who have continued to work hard in their online classes; on their technique, creative tasks, strength & flexibility, ballet theory and much more. Hopefully we will be able to return to the studio before the end of the year to hold our annual Performance Group Showcase and perform our 2021 routines one last time.



With so much uncertainty as to when we can return to the studio, let alone the theatre at full capacity, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone our 2021 concert until next year. We know students will be very disappointed but we can assure you that as soon as we are allowed to return to the theatre, we will be doing everything in our power to get the students on the stage doing what they love.

To save families the cost of costumes, that we were unsure would be used this year, we have not purchased any costumes. All 2021 costume deposits (charged on your Term 2 invoice) will be credited to your Term 4 invoice.



Term 4 invoices are now ready and can be viewed & paid through your family portal.

Term 4 Zoom links will be emailed to you once we receive your payment for Term 4. Class links will not be sent to families who have outstanding Term 1, 2 or 3 invoices. Zoom links are sent our manually so please ensure your invoice is paid well before your first lesson to ensure you receive your links in time.

Your Term 4 invoice will include;

  • Term 4 Fees
  • A credit for costume deposits charged on your term 2 invoice
  • A credit for competition costs (performance group students only)



Last chance to use your 2021 Active & Creative Kids Vouchers!

To use your vouchers towards your invoice just send us;

  1. Childs full name as it appears on the voucher
  2. D.O.B. (not the voucher expiry date)
  3. 16 digit voucher number (not the voucher please)

We will then apply it to the invoice and you can pay as normal through the family portal.

Please note that Active/Creative Kids Vouchers must be received BEFORE the due date of the invoice and will not be applied to overdue invoices.

Active/Creative Kids Vouchers will not be transferred to another organisation once LCDA/RDA have received them. Nor will they be accepted from another Active/Creative Kids Provider.


We wish everyone a safe & happy holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back to dance for Term 4!

The Team at Lane Cove & Roseville Dance Academies


Term 2 Newsletter

Term 1 flew past but we’d just like to mention some exciting things that happened during the first term.

Eisteddfod season kicked off this week at IRBD Competition! Congratulations to Mia & Allegra, first place for their jazz duo, and Kiran & Noam (dancing up an age division) first place for their Hip Hop duo. We can’t wait to watch our soloists in the coming week.

Auditions were held at the beginning of March for the Cecchetti Ballet NSW Scholars Program. This is a unique program, and a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to be coached by Nationally and Internationally acclaimed professional dancers and teachers.  The LCDA/RDA dancers selected for 2021s program are;

Junior – Emma Hawkins, Genevieve Price Pontifex, Katia Rusjakovski, Holly von Behr & Sienna Kerr

Intermediate – Hannah Israel, Thomas Barnett & Amelia Gee (reserve)


We’re looking forward to a very busy Term 2 with the start of competition season for our Performance Groups on 1st & 2nd May, senior ballet exams & preparation for junior school ballet exams. Please remember the academy does not have pupil free days like the education system. Our first day of Term 2 is Monday 19th April.


Please take time to read the rest of this newsletter because it contains very important information regarding:

  1. The End of Year Performance
  2. Costume Deposits – opt out of the Concert by 1st June 2021
  3. Term 2 invoices
  4. Charges for Performance Group Costumes, Entry Fees and Holiday Classes
  5. Ballet Examinations
  6. Uniform
  7. Active & Creative Kids Vouchers



The end of year performance is the highlight of the year for all our students. Unfortunately, our usual venue isn’t taking bookings for 2021 while they upgrade their theatre. Luckily Glen Street Theatre in Belrose are able to accommodate all six of our LCDA/RDA shows!

To help you plan your Christmas holidays and other festive activities, please add the following dates to your diaries. Rehearsals & photo days are held at the studio on the weekends leading up to the concert dates, so please make sure you include all dates. All concert related timetables will be posted on the website closer to the date. Please subscribe to the website to receive these alerts.

RDA Subscription –






The Academy has an OPT OUT policy regarding participation in the end of year performance.  This means we assume all students will participate in ALL performances for the academy in the classes they are enrolled in for Term 2. A costume deposit of $40 has been applied to each of the classes your child is enrolled for Term 2. The balance for your costume/s will be added to your Term 4 invoice.

If your children are NOT available on concert dates or you DO NOT WISH them to participate, the onus is on you to tell us. PLEASE advise by email ( before 1st June 2021 if your child will not be involved in the end of year concert.

What happens if you do not advise us that your child will not be in the concert before 1st June 2021?

Costumes require a considerable lead time to ensure they arrive before the concert dates. Most costumes are custom made overseas and unless ordered early, cannot be re-ordered with sufficient time to arrive before the performance dates.  If you do not advise the Academy by 1st June 2021, the Academy assumes you will be in the concert and a costume will be ordered.  Once ordered, the full cost of the costume will be payable by you.




Term 2 invoices have been raised and are available on the Family Portal. Term 2 invoices include:

  1. a) Class Tuition Fees
  2. b) Costume Deposits for each class enrolled – see above

To view your invoice and make payment, please log on to your account via the Family Portal.

If you have any problems regarding your fees, please contact the office by email so that we can make appropriate adjustment as required.

To avoid a Late Fee please pay by the due date.




For those enrolled in Performance Group classes an invoice will be raised which covers additional costs associated with competitions. These costs include the holiday classes attended over the April school holidays, a competition costume and entry fees to competitions.

You will receive an additional email once these invoices are ready to be paid.




Exam students will be selected at the discretion of the principals to undertake Cecchetti Ballet examinations.

Students in Year 2 and above must attend two ballet lessons per week from the beginning of the year to be considered.


Kindergarten to Year 4

6th & 7th July – Compulsory Exam & Piano Rehearsal

28th, 29th & 30th July – Exams at Lane Cove Dance Academy

Please note all Roseville students will sit their examination at our Lane Cove Studios.



Year 9+ – 10th-16th May – Exams at The Concourse, Chatswood


Year 6, 7 & 8

6th August – Exam Orientation for Year 6, 7 & 8 at The Concourse, Chatswood

22nd August to 17th September – Exams at The Concourse, Chatswood






Please make sure your child is in the correct uniform. Specific information can be found HERE.

You can purchase our 2021 uniform from Bloch, Chatswood. If you tell them at Bloch you are attending Lane Cove or Roseville Dance Academy they will know what to give you and you can apply for a privilege card in-store.

Good grooming is essential. All ballet students (Kindergarten age & above) must have their hair in a ballet bun if they wish to participate in class. For all other dance styles students must have their hair up. Please do not wear jewellery or watches/fitbits into any dance class.


Bloch will be moving to 398 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood from 1st May. If you post a photo of yourself on Instagram in front on the new Chatswood Store before 25th April you could get your dance fees paid by Bloch!



To use your 2021 vouchers towards your Term 2 invoice just send us;

  1. Child’s full name as it appears on the voucher
  2. D.O.B. (not the voucher expiry date)
  3. 16 digit voucher number (not the whole voucher please)

We will then apply it to the invoice and you can pay as normal through the family portal.

Please note that Active/Creative Kids Vouchers must be received BEFORE the due date of the invoice (26thApril) and will not be applied to overdue invoices.

Active/Creative Kids Vouchers will not be transferred to another organisation once LCDA/RDA have received them. Nor will they be accepted from another Active/Creative Kids Provider.



We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holidays and we can’t wait to see everyone back at the studio from 19th April.