*Please read all the information below before enrolling/re-enrolling*

  • Enrolments will be open to current students (who attended Term 4, 2020) until 31st We will then open for new enrolments.
  • All students must enrol/re-enrol via email (lcda@lcda.com.au) to ensure their place for 2021. Emails sent before 16th December do not count as a 2021 re-enrolment. New enrolments sent before 16th December have been placed on a wait-list & will be processed after 31st December.
  • Enrolments are for the entire year (4 terms) unless the Academy is notified at the conclusion of the term that a student is not returning.
  • Enrolments will be processed on a first come, first served basis, although you may not receive a reply until after 31st December.
  • Students can only enrol in classes allocated to their school year, there will be no exceptions. Everyone will go into their appropriate levels and will only be moved up if their teacher sees fit and upon discussion with the directors.
  • 2021 invoices will be raised on ­­­15th January & will be due on 29th If invoices are left unpaid you are forfeiting your space/s in the class/es enrolled in and they will be offered to other students on the wait list.
  • You can now use your leftover 2020 Active Kids Vouchers for your 2021 Term 1 fees. We must received the voucher number, your child’s full name & D.O.B before 26th December to redeem these vouchers. There will be absolutely no refund of vouchers if you decide not to return to Lane Cove or Roseville Dance Academies in 2021.




  • To re-enrol please email lcda@lcda.com.au and provide;
  1. Students full name
  2. Year at school in 2021 or year starting kindergarten (2022 or 2023)
  3. Class/es you would like to enrol in, including day & school (e.g. Jazz 4 Monday, Roseville Dance Academy)
  • Current students do not need to fill in another enrolment form.
  • Please note that families with outstanding 2020 invoices for term fees or performance group costumes will not be able to re-enrol for 2021 until all accounts are settled.


New Enrolment or Returning Student

  • New families & returning students must fill out our enrolment form; https://forms.gle/hzsanv6PguJS9J8P9
  • These enrolments will be processed after 31st December. Also, on a first come, first served basis.


Ballet Classes

  • Ballet students in Year 2 and above must attend two Ballet lessons per week from the start of the year if they wish to be considered for an examination.
  • Saturday ‘Exam’ classes at LCDA are only for students who attend two ballet classes per week and wish to sit their Cecchetti Ballet Examination.
  • Students must attend two Ballet lessons per week to be eligible to attend a Pointe class at any level. Students will not be given permission to go for a Pointe Shoe Assessment unless they attend two Ballet lessons per week & a Pointe class.


Performance Groups

  • Performance Groups are by INVITE ONLY. Invites will be sent out early 2021.
  • Students are invited to a Performing Group based on their work at the Academy in previous years.
  • Your position in one of our 2020 Performance Groups does not guarantee a place for 2021.

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